Activation failed

Usually there are 2 reasons why customers are unable to activate their programs:

Reason 1. Typing mistakes when entering the key by hand.

Most likely, you have made a mistake while entering your license key. Please avoid typing the key manually and instead copy the key from the confirmation email and paste it directly to the activation window and click "Activate".

Reason 2. Antivirus blocking outside connections for third party programs.

In these cases we ask our customers to disable the antivirus before activating the program, and turn the antivirus program back on, once SpeedFixTool is activated.

If the above fails, please contact us

If the above does not resolve, please email us at or contact us by clicking "Contact Support" on the right side of this page.

While submitting the support request, please provide us with your full name and email address that you used during the purchase. This will help us resolve your problem faster.

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